• Our NEW ES-E panels feature more power and higher voltage for broader inverter compatibility - all combined with our industry leading positive power tolerance.

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  • MORE electricity
    LESS impact

    Our mission is simple: Deliver more electricity with less impact on our environment. That means engineering as much electricity as possible out of our String Ribbon® solar panels, while reducing the silicon consumption and carbon emissions that go into making them.

  • MORE electricityLESS impact

    Watch the video to learn how we produce solar panels with a simple mission: deliver more electricity with less impact on our environment.

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DON'T TAKE our word for it

PROVING the promise

MORE LIGHTmeans more electricity


GET THE POWERyou paid for

SMALLESTcarbon footprint

MAKING ELECTRICITYand not much else


REUSABLE PACKAGING100% cardboard free

WHEN DOESquality control become an obsession?

Our String Ribbon® panels are created using a unique manufacturing process that generates up to 30% less CO2 than other silicon solar panels.

Independent field tests by Photon International and TÜV Rheinland have shown Evergreen panels produce more electricity.

We hire four independent labs to test our panels and confirm that your panel will deliver exactly what we say.

By using anti-reflective glass, our panels deliver 2-3% more electricity than panels with standard glass.

With a temperature rating over 90%, we maintain up to 4% higher output than most crystalline silicon panels under hot conditions.

We have the best power tolerance in the industry so you never get less power than you paid for.

Our String Ribbon® panels have the smallest carbon footprint of any silicon-based solar panel ever made.

Our String Ribbon® wafers are made with a fraction of the emissions and waste that result from making conventional silicon panels.

With an energy payback of just 12 months, our panels generate truly clean electricity faster than any silicon-based panel on the market.

Our elegant, 100% cardboard free, reusable packaging reduces disposal costs and on-site manpower while eliminating tons of landfill.

Every panel we manufacture goes through 50 separate inspection checks.


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  • Evergreen Solar(China)Co. Ltd. supplies Evergreen brand solar panels to Wuhan Huashan Ecological new town Huacheng hometown on-grid project!


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