These all-purpose panels deliver exceptional, field-proven performance yet are versatile enough to be installed on virtually any roof in almost any climate. Made with our proprietary String Ribbon® wafers, these elegant, black-framed panels have the smallest environmental impact of any silicon panel ever made.

MORE electricity

  • All our panels have the best power tolerance in the industry
    (-0 / +5 W) and consistently deliver more electricity than competitors in field tests.
  • Guaranteed Power1

    The minimum guaranteed power is the nameplate so you never get less than you paid for.

  • Independently Verified Power2

    Four independent test labs regularly check panel power so you get the power we promise.

  • Anti-Reflective Glass

    Delivering 2-3% more electricity compared to panels with standard glass.


    Maintaining up to 4% higher output than most other crystalline silicon panels under hot conditions.


    Long-term Photon and TÜV field tests prove Evergreen panels produce more electricity (kWh/kW).

What is best for someone is Evergreen Solar, period. If the trust is put in our hands, I recommend them every time. -Evergreen Solar Installer

25/5 25 year power warranty

LESS impact

  • Our panels have the smallest carbon footprint and fastest energy payback of any silicon-based solar panel ever made.

    Our String Ribbon™ wafers are made with a fraction of the emissions resulting from making conventional silicon panels.


    Our panels begin generating truly clean electricity faster than any other silicon-based panel on the market.

  • 100% Cardboard-Free REUSABLE PACKAGING

    Reduces disposal costs and on-site manpower while eliminating tons of landfill.

  • 1 – Guaranteed upon initial delivery of the panel; 2 – Maximum power up to 4.99 W above nameplate rating; 3 – based on comparing PTC/STC ratings of major competing multi-crystalline silicon brands; 4 – Power regularly calibrated by taking the straight average of test data from NREL, TÜV Rheinland PTL, TÜV Rheinland Cologne and Fraunhofer ISE; 5 – According to research carried out by the Energy Research Foundation of the Netherlands and Evergreen Solar evaluation of latest published competitor data;
Technical Specifications
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